I watched the game live.

Let Guido know what's happening.


Our electric bill last month was very high.

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The economy still hasn't completely recovered from the financial crisis.

This is a very beautiful flower.

I've been very busy since this morning.

I'll see you again this afternoon.

I'm glad the two of you are getting along with each other.

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In the United States, what is valued most is money, whether it's clean or dirty.

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You must be absolutely quiet.

I'm not able to swim.

Boston is a long way from Chicago.


The land came into the market.


Rajarshi said he wanted to dye his hair black.

The mechanic fixed my car without charging me a dime.

Horst knows better than that.

Are you finished reading the newspaper?

He was covered with mud.

I wish Saify would help me move the sofa.

Come on, hurry up.

The drama brought a lump to my throat.

We have checked.


I don't see your point.

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She has been out of work these two years.


Christofer couldn't remember who he was supposed to give it to.

Teri isn't a kid anymore.

That fire burned the entire town to ashes.


I hear he is to go abroad for study as soon as he graduates from school.

She is very pretty, isn't she?

I'm very happy with my new car.


Elijah smiled hello.

Hsi often brings his work home.

He got an easy English book.

The word fugusha ("disabled") might be insulting.

I get only five days off this summer.

I thought that perhaps beauty wasn't so beautiful.

Yesterday I did not visit my parents, but I will visit them today.

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We need money to do anything.

Tokyo is supposed to be a very safe city.

Throughout the five years of painful cancer treatments, he managed to keep a stiff upper lip.

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The world hates me.

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She plays the piano very well.

I'm looking forward to good news.

Jonathan turned the doorknob slowly.

I have to call someone now.

Allow one hour to reach the airport.

Actually, it was only a rumor.

Floods have ravaged parts of Germany.


Who are my new neighbors?

Keep your head low.

This medicine has no side effects.


I ordered you to get out.

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On the horizon, I see land.

Everybody rushed towards us.

I'll take Ima to the zoo if you want me to.

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Had it not been for your help, I would have failed.

I have a mind to help him.

I went night-fishing with Nikolai.

This can't have been an accident.

This kind of blanket needs good airing.

I'll give these to you.

When do the Christmas holidays begin?

You're spending too much money.

That shows the depth of his love for his family.

I've been pretty good.

We're retiring.

How irresponsible!

Sherman, could you shut up for just ten seconds?


The police have arrested me.

You still want me to come, don't you?

He wants to learn how to cook.

You wouldn't accept candy from a stranger.

He was weakened by illness and injury.

Don't make any noise!

I can only hope that in time you'll forgive me.

Panacea was raised in a small village.

So this is Lady Evans.

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We regret that you have to leave.


I knew I should've married her.

I think you could probably get a job at our company.

I left the country.


It's a bit greasy.


When does Annard usually go to the gym?

Who would want to kill me?

We've got a mechanical problem.

The singer suddenly switches into falsetto.

For me it is not yet known.


Wednesday is a little Friday.

Grapes are made into wine.

Krzysztof didn't mention that he'd met Lorenzo.


It's not possible to develop a sense of humour; you've got to be born with one.

Does Ramadoss go to the same school as Tao?

People are suffering from the contamination of the water supply.

This is considered an upper-middle-class neighborhood.

Tuna loves going to the mall.

I wasn't sure it was you.

Don't listen to Shaw.

Elias would get angry if I did that.

You might want to use this.

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Gregge took a sip of his drink.

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I don't have enough money for my trip.


I need pens, notebooks and so on.


I'm just about finished doing the laundry.

Do you like Wagner?

I wish Murph were here with us.

Revised was quite nervous.

I'll be back in less than five minutes.

Instructions: massage well into damp hair, lather and rinse.

There was a country song playing on the jukebox.

It seems to me that you have well understood the grammar rules of this useful language, Esperanto.

He hasn't left any message.


The changes were surprising.

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Could you do me a favor and call a doctor?

Everything is so expensive.

They are superior to us in learning.

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Let me introduce you to a good dentist.


He is by no means stupid.

You must be the new teacher.

She was clothed in a red blouse and a black skirt.

Emily doesn't like being made a fool of.

I want nothing to do with him.

She comes from France.

Mitchell looks very serious.

Who is the greatest poet in England?

They signed a three-year contract with a major record company.

I have put aside one fourth of my salary for the last three years.

I believe the choice is clear.


It's a problem we do not have any answer for.

Don't talk to him.

A single ray of sunlight shone through a chink in the shuttered window.

He's a clever little bugger.

This hotel has a magnificent view of the sea.

I got up at five that morning.

That was my fault.

You can put your talents to good use if you become a designer.

It was not mentioned in the process of discussion.

I couldn't do what you do.

Eddy told me that I shouldn't ever do that.

I think you should talk to him.

The first time you meet people, you should be careful about how near you stand to them.

Stan didn't break it.

That's only the tip of the iceberg.

Would you like ice?

You must not live beyond your means.

I've never bought jewelry.

The rookie breathed new life into the team.

I could never afford a house as nice as that.

She's going to take a look.

They don't have any sugar any more.

There wasn't much sugar in the pot.

This shirt has long sleeves.

Just between ourselves, I don't think he's going to succeed.


Why did you move out?

You will do well to leave him.

We played around the farm.

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It's not so cheap.

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I don't want Warren at my party.

Oh, that's very pretty!

The bronze armor was useless against the Saxons' relentless attack.

They say to err is human.

After eight months passed and his broken heart healed, George eventually started dating girls again.

It seems to have worn out.

Paul began to tell Jerrie what had happened.