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Some of you asked for some proof. Here it is:

As you can see below the books I rank often also get
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I know the frustration you are feeling, but if I can make money with Amazon Kindle, anyone can!
And this is comming from a guy who hardly can write in English, the last thing I wrote in English was an essay in school when I was 14.

I'll teach you an easy way to get Amazon to share a piece of their HUGE profits with you.

They are everywhere...

- On the subway
- On the bus
- On the plane
- Everywhere you turn you see someone
with a Kindle reader in their hand!

And that's not surprising if you consider that Amazon is selling roughly one million of them...

Yeah, that's right... think of it as another MILLION empty libraries being sold every week!

Now, let me ask you something...

All those million people who buy a Kindle every week... what is the first thing they will do after they bought their Kindle?

Yeah, you guessed it.. they all fill them up with books!!

A Kindle without books is like a car without gas... it's useless!
Every Kindle sold is like an empty library, just waiting to be filled with books!

Well, it's very simple. Amazon is looking for people who are willing to write stuff they can
sell in their kindle store.

Like books... although not really like your normal 300 page book... more like a long article or report or something... like perhaps 15-20 pages.

You see, this type of short stories or reports are then sold on Amazon as Kindle books from anything from $0.99 to $2.99 each...

Not only that but Amazon is so keen to get new Kindle publishers on board that they are willing to pay you up to 70% of the sale price for every book that THEY sell for you!

What's that? You don't think you can make money from selling books for $0.99 or even $2.99?

Seriously, if you doubt that just go ask someone like:

E.L James who has made more than $10.000.000 (yeah, that's ten million!) profit in the last 9-10 months from selling her books for a couple of bucks each.
I'm sure you've heard of"50 Shades of Grey"?

Or perhaps you should check out Amanda Hockings who has also made millions from her books, many selling at $0.99 each.

Or John Locke, the first guy on Kindle to sell 1 million books, (he has WAY surpassed that now).

Here is an interview I had with Rosie Edwards, a kindle publisher and one of my clients:

Cover Design Services

If you don't yet have a cover for your book, or if we don't believe your cover will convert at the highest
possible level, we will help you create a new one.

Myself and my partner are both professional designers, and we also know what converts in term of
book covers on Amazon. However, this is not a design project where you get free access to a designer
with unlimited revisions... We will create what we think will be a better converting cover than the one
you have, (not always needed of course), and in the end it is up to you if you want to use it or not.

We know what works, but when it comes to design people often have strong ideas of their own,
(especially when it comes to THEIR book... their baby!).

I just wanted to clarify what is actually included in this part of the service. In case you are not happy
with the cover we created for you (this happens very rarely), we can suggest several other design
services depending on the budget.

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How can you GUARANTEE first page Amazon rankings for ANY keyword!?
That is crazy, how can anyone do that?

Well it's like this. I'm highly confident that I can rank almost any book in Amazon for any keyword.
I have a lot of experience from SEO, both on Amazon and Google and I have a good understanding
of how the Amazon algorithm works. My GUARANTEE is that your book will rank for at least one of
the three keywords you've selected and I'm confident that I can do that. There is zero risk for you
because if I fail I will refund your payment in full.

Are there any limitations on which keywords I can choose?

At least one of the keywords you select have to contain a minimum of two words and at least one
keyword has to contain a minimum of three words. Naturally your keywords also have to be
relevant to your book!


If for example your book is about how to "MakeMoneyOnline" your selection of keywords could
look like this:

Keyword 1: MakeMoney
Keyword 2: MakeMoneyOnline
Keyword 3: WorkFromHome

In the above example I GUARANTEE to rank your book on the first page of Amazon for a minimum
of one of those keywords, (although it's likely to rank for several of the keywords you have selected
as well as many others)!

Are there any other limitations or conditions?

1. Your book has to have been published on Amazon in the last 30 days. If it was published in the
last 3 months I can still help you but the starting cost will be higher, (if it's older than 3 months please
contact me with your book and keywords for a personalized quote).

2. Your book has to be enrolled in the KDP Select Program and have a minimum of 4 free promotional
days left.

3. You have to implement the changes to the title, description, keywords, price, tags, promotional
days etc. that I suggest. I will of course work together with you to make sure that you are happy with
the description. My job is to help you create a keyword rich "kick-ass" description that will maximize
your ranking and sales! In case your cover sucks I might also ask you to change that since it is very
important for your conversions and therefore also your Amazon rankings. If your cover needs
changing, I will work together with you and a professional designer to get this done at a zero extra
cost to you.

Do you need access to my Amazon account to implement the changes?

No, I will never ask for access to your Amazon account. I will send you the changes that you need to
make to your description, keywords etc. and then you make the changes. I might ask you to take
some screenshots from your account if something is unclear.

Do I have to stay a member of FastKindleCash.com (and pay the monthly
charge) after you have achieved the first page ranking for my keyword?

No. You can leave our VIP Members Area anytime you want, but I think you will WANT to stay with
me forever. As long as you are a VIP Member of FastKindleCash.com I will continue to work to keep
your book ranked at the top of Amazon for it's keyword... and in the end that will make you a lot more
money than the small monthly cost of my membership.

What if I haven't yet published my book?

That's in fact the best position to be in! Once you have secured your FastKindleCash.com VIP
Membership your Kindle ranking spot is locked-in for 12 months. This means that as long as you are
planning to publish a book on Kindle in the next year you should book your GUARANTEED rankings
today! It's actually very good if you haven't yet published your book because that means I can help
you get your book title, book cover, description and keyword selection 100% right from the beginning,
targeted towards the keyword you want to rank for. This often makes it even easier to get your book
ranking right from the start.

Limited Availability - No False Scarcity here...

If you have read this sales letter and not just skimmed through what's on offer I think you understand
why I can only handle a few clients at a time. My GUARANTEED top Amazon Kindle rankings is an
unprecedented offer. You won't find this offer anywhere else for the simple reason that very few
people are capable of delivering on such a promise, and the ones that can are focusing on ranking their
Kindle books. However, since I have now fine-tuned my ranking system to such a degree I'm willing
to take on a few clients and help them achieve the same sort of success on Kindle that I have.

What I can say at this time is that once I have a small number of clients signed up who have either
recently published a book on Kindle or are planning to publish one in the next 12 months I will close
this offer for good. If you want to take advantage of this unprecedented offer and secure your Kindle
rankings and you MUST sign-up today! This is NOT false scarcity, it is the real thing!

Seriously, there is big bucks to be made from Kindle publishing... but let's start with some
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You can't write you say?

No worries, I've got you covered! You can easily outsource the writing of your book for peanuts.

I have tried to succeed with internet marketing for a long time. When I first started I failed...
and failed again, and again and again... you get the picture!

I bought all the "get-rich-quick" programs out there to try to find something that actually works.

But it was only when I discovered Kindle publishing that I realised what an idiot I had been...
I was looking for the "quick-fix" rather than a real SOLUTION to making money online.

With the rising statistics of over 1'000'000 new Kindle devices being sold every single week, you can
see the market of Kindle book buyers is only going to get bigger, and bigger...

With such a huge market, you can upload a Kindle ebook at
the end of this week and start making money (lots of it) in just
a couple of days...

You might not trust me, or perhaps you are unsure if I'm a
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You can join me in the Kindle publishing club.

You might think it's hard...
Well it's not!
I can only handle a very small number of clients and still be able to GUARANTEE first page rankings for
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sales letter and understand the kind of service I'm offering...

In fact, the ONLY reason I'm currently offering any more spots at all is that some people who signed up
for my service have yet to publish their first book on Kindle. They did the right thing and signed-up to my
guaranteed ranking service BEFORE publishing their first book on Kindle! This puts them in the absolute
strongest possible position possible.

It allows me to help them perfect their cover, title, description and keywords for the keywords they want
to rank for BEFORE they have launched their book, and they risk NOTHING since they have 12 months to
publish their book from the time of signing up.

At the time of this writing I can allow another 50 12 FastKindleCash.com VIP Members to benefit from my GUARANTEED ranking service.
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PS: Remember that even if you are not ready to publish your book today, you
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