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There can be no doubt that Cydia is the most popular unofficial app store in the world. Here is how to download it by jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

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That’s not all

Cydia doesn’t just give you the means to modify the way your device functions; it also contains a whole load of themes, tweaked games, ringtones and a whole lot more besides. And you can get it all for free by clicking the button above .

Supported iOS Firmware’s :

Cydia will work on all iOS devices running the following firmware versions:

Top Features :

With Cydia you get a whole load of useful and cool features:

  • It can’t be downloaded as a standalone app, only as part of a jailbreak package
  • Choose from thousands of modifications to change pretty much any part of the iOS
  • Change the way your device looks with a huge choice of themes and tweaks
  • Change how the stock apps work with loads of different tweaks
  • Download modified versions of the popular stock apps to get new features
  • Download from loads of other tweaked apps and games

Download Cydia :

The download button above takes you to our Cydia Download page where you can find all the jailbreak utilities available for iOS 6 right up to iOS 12.

Frequently Asked Questions :

We answer some of your commonly asked questions about Cydia:

Is it Illegal to Use Cydia?

No, it isn’t, not in the USA anyway. In 2012 the Library of Congress voted to exempt jailbreaking from the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and it was ruled as legal. That doesn’t mean that Apple accepts that ruling though and, should they discover that you are running Cydia they will void your warranty. Deleting Cydia is very simple to do should you have a need to take your device to an Apple Store.

Can I Use Cydia For Free?

Yes, you can. The jailbreak tools that contain Cydia are all free to download and most of the apps and tweaks in the store are also free some do make a small charge. If you are not sure about jailbreaking, we do have a list of free alternatives that you can use.

Is it Safe to Jailbreak?

Jailbreaking involves using loopholes in the iOS firmware to gain root access and this is how you get to modify the way your device functions and looks. It is legal to do and, provided you only download your jailbreaks from official sources, it is completely safe too. If you choose to download from an unofficial source, well then you are putting your device and you at risk.

How to Remove Cydia

Removing Cydia is as simple as installing it and you can use a cool tool called Cydia Eraser. Check out the link for more details and a guide on how to use it.

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