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Hello there!

My name is Robert Dimitrov, I'm a 23 years old web developer based in Berlin, Germany. I love building interesting web apps primarily with JavaScript (ES2015), CSS and PHP (Laravel). Currently I'm looking for a new position as a frontend or full-stack developer. You can find me at GitHub and 418-276-9369 or contact me via e-mail -



Software Developer

goodforgrowth GmbH (Jul 2017 - Jun 2018)

At goodforgrowth I've worked both as a working student and on a full-time basis. My tasks included the development of new features and bugfixing for the online shop (based on the Shopware e-Commerce platform), the maintenance of several WordPress webpages and the creation of small programs for the automation of time consuming processes in other departments. I improved the general development workflow by setting up version control with Git and automating the deployments to the staging environment. Furthermore, I took on administrative tasks like caring of domains, hosting, CDN and SSL certificates and helped to improve the general IT infrastructure of the company.

Web Developer (Intern)

resmio GmbH (Feb 2017 - Jun 2017)

My tasks at resmio consisted of creating and maintaining customers' websites, as well as optimizing our own webpage. During my internship I extended my knowledge in JavaScript, HTML, CSS/SASS, SQL, PHP, Twig and WordPress. I also gained a better insight into the general web development workflows, such as working with different environments and distributions, using task runners (Gulp) for automated build flows and maintaining the codebase with a version control system (Git).


Medieninformatik (Bachelor of Science)

Beuth University of Applied Science Berlin (2014 - 2017)

My studies at the Beuth University of Applied Science were my first encounter with the world of computer science. Some of the courses I attended were Programming, Web Engineering, Database systems, Algorithms and Data structures, Mathematics, Software Engineering, iOS development, Quality and Project Management, Distributed systems, Computer graphics, Media design and Human-Computer interaction.



JavaScript is both my favorite language and the one I've got the most experience with. I like the new features since ES2015 and most of the times set up a build tool or a task runner to transpile my code for the browser. I also have used frontend frameworks like React and Angular and built REST backends with NodeJS and Express. Personally I prefer pure ("Vanilla") JavaScript over jQuery but also have got some experience with the latter.


CSS is another big interest of mine. I'm familiar with lots of the features of the language (like selectors, box model, style inheritance, cascading, transforms, media queries, layouts with floats or flexbox) and have experience with preprocessors like SASS and LESS. Understanding the specification even better is one of my goals for the near future.


I usually care about the semantics of my markup and try to make it as clean as possible. I get the idea behind schemes like Open Graph or and want to learn more about how to make a webpage more accessible (WAI).


I have built dynamic webpages with pure PHP in university and lately a couple of sites with Laravel (which I really enjoy). I also have insights in other frameworks and systems - like Shopware, a german e-Commerce platform based on Zend and Symfony, for which I've implemented several in-house plugins) and WordPress.


I have both worked with SQL (MySQL, MariaDB) and NoSQL (MongoDB) databases in university and also have some experience with ORM-wrappers (like Eloquent and Hibernate). I'm familiar with some more complicated concepts like indexes and triggers but never had the chance to use them in real projects.


My development process is usually based on the Git Feature Branch Workflow, so I'm familiar with Pull Requests, Merge conflicts and some advanced techniques like reverts or resets, but I would definitely not consider myself a Git expert.

Mobile development

In university I built the frontend for a hybrid mobile application (using Ionic) and also worked on a couple of small iOS applications with Swift. iOS development is a direction I see myself going to at some point in the next years.


Personal Knowledge Base

A small web application built with Laravel and used to store snippets and informations that I often need but never remember.

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A prototype for an e-Learning platform I created as part of my bachelor thesis. It should enhance the learning process by offering new kind of interactions between teacher and student (and between the peers themselves). Technologies used - NodeJS with Express, MongoDB, React.

(530) 540-0239

World Cup Predictions Game

A fun website created with Laravel where me and friends of mine try to predict the outcome of World Cup games and compete against each other based on the accuracy of our predictions. I also built a simple program that simulates the matches - the simulator is even one of the competitors in the game :)


NodeJS Darts Game

A simple NodeJS darts game that can be played in the console.

(303) 841-9014


Noqueue (mobile application) logo

A hybrid mobile application that me and my colleagues built in university. I was responsible for the frontend (made with Ionic) while the rest of the team worked on the backend part (with Scala).

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